SFW Language Consulting

Professional in intercultural communication

Language Training in German 


We offer intensive German training at all levels of writing and speech.

Courses: individually or in groups.

  • Intensive course for beginners and continuation courses in German. All courses have a customizable layout and schedule at all levels.
  • Conversational German
  • German business-based conversation education, such as to arrange meetings, presentations reports receive German visitors, talk on the phone, make orders, etc. 

The goal is to communicate swiftly and efficiently in German, verbally and written within the context that you are targeting. Languages are best learned by speaking as well as in reality-related situations. Teaching is interactive and result oriented. The course also uses new media (computer/tablets, internet). 

Participants: by agreement  

Program: according to your needs and preferences

  • Course schedule: e.g. 32 lessons per 45 minutes, one to two meetings a week. 
  • Intensive course: e.g. 5 x 4-8 hours per week. 

Course start: Times/Dates that best suit you by appointment.

Location: to be discussed what suits you best

  • Your workplace/home
  • At a public location (nearby library)
  • The teacher’s workplace/home

Price: Based on number of students and scope. VAT, literature and any transportation compensation will be added. 

Why German? 

English is not as widespread in German-speaking countries compared to Sweden, so German is essential for social and professional communication. 

  • German in the largest language in Europe. More than 90 million people have German as their native language. The Brexit will increase importance further.
  • Germany is Sweden’s largest trading partner! The big German-speaking market is interesting for your company.
  • Germany is the country with the most and largest industry trade fairs in the world.
  • German is an important language to learn in the European trade, especially in the countries of Eastern Europe where English is not yet established.
  • Germany is Sweden’s closest neighbor outside the Nordic region, the entire road- and rail-based logistics go through Germany.
  • German is one of the world’s most important cultural languages. German fiction, German music and German science have a strong position in the European cultural tradition.
  • German is an important language for tourists.
  • Most tourists in Sweden are German. 



Therefore, German is a very important language for Sweden!